Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 'I'm too Busy to Write So Here Are Some Photos' series

Kaiden is away at Army Cadet camp this week. Learning to be a Junior Non Commissioned Officer.

Goodness help us!

I have noticed this week that someone seems to be missing Kaiden a lot. I'm often finding Charlie in Kaiden's empty room just looking around.

I'm just like my big brother Kaiden.

I'm in the Army 'Tadets', too.

Yes, sir!

Hmmm.... what do you do with this bit?

Oh, oops. I didn't mean to do that.

Do you think Kaiden will be mad that I broke his hat?

Nah, I'm too cute for him to be angry.

(Apologies for the poor photo quality. Certain models have yet to learn they need to stand STILL for a decent photo to happen.)