Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boys, boys, boys.

Corey's 13th birthday party is over.

And I'm sad.

Call me crazy but I loved having a house full of boys. And teenage boys at that.

I loved being surrounded by boys, they're just so much fun.

As a teenager myself, I read the books Little Men and Jo's Boy's by Louisa May Alcott, and dreamed of one day opening a school/orphanage for boys, just like the character in the story. Secretly I would still love to do this, though I think my husband would try to talk me out of it.

In the stories she had such adventures with her boys, loved them so much even when no one else did and received love in return. And that's how I feel when I'm surrounded by boys.

I have my own three boysof course, so am well on the way to achieving my secret dream, and when they bring home friends and the house is full - I love it.

Not most people's cup of tea I suppose, to be surrounded by loud, active and always hungry boys, but what I love most is the joy they bring. Boys tend to get a bad rap, you should hear the comments I get when I say I have three boys. Though contrary to popular belief I find them to be full of life, so open and filled with energy and happiness.

I have a great rapport with all of the boys who filled my house, they talk to me, and have said they tell me things they don't even tell their own mum. One of the reasons I'm doing a double degree in Counselling, specialising in Children and Parenting, is to be able to work with kids one day, helping them and their parents to achieve a wonderful life.

Give them love and attention, keep them engaged and active, and boys are just wonderful.

I'm blessed to have three boys of my own, as well as the joy of knowing their friends.

Boys make me smile.


  1. Posts like this make me smile, it is great to see someone who realises the potential in the young people around. Keep up the great work.

  2. So Awesome! I hope that my house is like this when my boys are older too! My mom is a house mom for a college fraternity and loves it. They love her and trust her and come to her to talk about their problems and joys-- the graduated ones keep in touch and invite her to their weddings and such!

  3. I used to enjoy it when the house was full of the kids and their friends. Can't wait to it being full of grandkids!!


    P.S. It would help if they would just get married at this point!!!

  4. That's how it was in my house growing up. My friends and my siblings' friends loved coming over and hanging out with my mom. She always wanted to be "the cool mom" lol. I'm hoping for the same thing with my children when they get older.

  5. Boys rock! I used to read Little Men, too and dream of having a house full of boys (I had three sisters and no brothers), so when I finally did have kids, I was thrilled to have boys! The weird thing is that people keep saying, "Oh, poor you, are you going to keep trying for a girl?" I say, "nope, if we have more, we're going for a couple more boys." and they look at me like I'm insane! :D