Friday, September 17, 2010

My love affair with the 50's

I love to look nice, I love being a homemaker, I love being a wife and mother. If I was living in the 1950's I'd be in my element.

I'm fascinated by pictures of women in the 50's, they look so lovely and elegant. Ready to step out the door at a moments notice. You never see them dressed dowdily.

I try to dress nicely each day, style my hair and wear makeup. I have to admit that even if it's a day at home with just Charlie, I dress up. No track pants and bed hair around here! I like to look nice for myself, but I also like to look nice for my husband. It may be very old fashioned but I think he deserves a wife who looks nice and takes pride in her appearance,as well as her home and family.

So lately I've been going for a modern version of a 1950's look.


Very Stepford wife, I've been told more than once.

I take it as a compliment.


  1. Wow, you look fantastic.
    I would love to wear nice clothes and do my hair but I am afraid that is saved for special occasions around here. Most days for me, work is a pair of jeans, a work polo and hair in a pony tail. I am planning on wearing a dress at least once for Frocktober!