Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Impromptu moments

This has been my evening so far.

Peaceful, quiet and blissful time.

Chocolate time!

Charlie being off on an impromptu (and totally unprepared for) sleepover means a very impromptu (and totally welcome) evening to myself.

How did I spend it, besides scoffing chocolate?

Writing. Lots of writing.

Because I could. Because I have time.

And because it's good for my soul.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hurry up!

How many "hurry ups" in a morning is the quota allowed to a rushed mama, with pressing time constraints to actually make the 40 minute drive on time to get her child to school by 8.30am????

I'm sure this morning's quota of hurry ups was well and truely used up on Charlie today:

Good morning. You slept in. We only have 25 mins till we have to leave for school. So you need to hurry up and get out of bed.

Ok now, stop playing with your toys under the covers and hurry up.

Please hurry up and get dressed.

Yes, that shirt is fine. Hurry up.

Oh goodness me, leave that fantastically interesting bit of blue thread in your shorts pocket alone and hurry up and put the shorts ON!

Let's get on with eating breakfast shall we? You do need to hurry up now, your weetbix is getting soggy.

Just hurry up and eat it even if it has passed the acceptable level of palatable sogginess.

Right now we don't have time for an in depth conversation on Star Wars. Please hurry up and eat your breakfast instead.

Ok, please brush your teeth and do your hair now. Hurry up. Yes, the dog will be fine on his own for a while.

For goodness sake, stop pulling faces in the mirror and get your hair done. Hurry up.

Oh my goodness, stop dancing in front of the mirror and hurry up and get your hair done!

Really, you don't need to precisely place each individual strand of hair into place, just hurry up and then get your teeth done.


Yes, the toothpaste tastes perfectly fine. Hurry up and put in on the toothbrush.

Great job on your teeth! No, don't go getting toys out we have to get going. Hurry up and find your shoes and socks.

Where are you? Hurry up and get back here with your shoes and socks.

No, you don't need to take an arm load of Star Wars figures to school with you. Where are your socks? Hurry up we have to go.

I'm happy that you've found your socks. And a dozen Star Wars toys too! Did you get shoes? No? Please hurry and find them now.

No, I don't know which obscure part of the house you last left your shoes. Just hurry up and find them. You can put them on in the car.

Ok, time to go. No, you can't say goodbye to Daddy. You see as he's a Daddy he's lucky enough to be enjoying a sleep in while I get the joy of getting your ready for school. Lets just hurry up and get going to school, shall we?

I'm sorry, we don't have time for last minute searches for more books to take with you and then leave in the car and forget. How about we hurry and just get in the car instead?

Great work getting ready for school so fast today! Now, hurry up and put your seat belt on........................................

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Special Age of 8

My now 8 yr old has had a wonderful few days celebrating reaching this special age.

8 is an amazing age, the time of leaving little childhood behind and embracing independence.

Climbing to the very top of the tallest tree and reveling in the bravery of it all.

Being enthralled in a novel and discovering whole new fictional worlds.

Both mind and body expanding as the child grows into who they are to become.

Yes, 8 is a wonderful age to be!

And it seems being 8 is even better when you receive presents and cash!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Introducing Katy the Kitten

Charlie received a very special surprise today.

His very own kitten.
He's named her Katy Cleopatra.

She's only about 6 weeks old, and was found abandoned on the streets a week ago. She'd been given in to our vets, and when Del saw her photo he was the one who suggested we take her.

Her sweet pointy little face got to him, and he couldn't resist giving her a home. And who better to give her to than Charlie.

And hopefully it might stop him asking for a little brother or sister perhaps?

Sorry kid, your destined to stay the youngest child in the family, but here have a kitten to boss around instead.

Already we see her naughty cheeky personality coming out, she's a real handful and so very confident. Her time on the streets has turned her into a tough one I think.

How are our other pets taking her arrival?

Our dog Trooper just wants to play with her, but as he's a million times bigger than her, he's being very careful and not pushing it yet. I think he's letting her warm up to him first. She even takes his bed and he just lies on the cold tiles next her. His eyes follow her everywhere. I can't wait for the day I find them snuggled up together on his bed.

And Merlin, our 15yr old cat, just ignores her and walks past with disdain, probably thinking "Humans! I never gave permission for another cat to enter the household. I shall show my disapproval by ignoring everyone".

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Bittersweet Time

So Kaiden moved out of home today. Not sure what to say.

I'm both happy and sad at the same time.

I'm not the only one a little sad about this it seems.

(Merlin is our cat who is very attached to Kaiden and slept in his room, which is now empty. Sob!)