Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking for sympathy.

Charlie's a little ill at the moment. Nothing major, just an annoying virus that's manifested itself with a temperature and conjunctivitis.

He's been a real trooper and is so patient and lays still when we have to put ointment in his eyes.

The chocolate we bribe him with helps too, I'm sure.

Look at those poor sore little eyes....

But even more, keep an eye on that bottom lip.

Especially once he notices I'm watching him.


Oh dear.

The bottom lip is just killing me.

Do you feel sorry for him yet?

Oh baby, don't cry!!! No!

How could I not give him a great big lot of love when he pulls the bottom lip trick on me?

Personally, I feel it's a performance worthy of an academy award.

My boy's talented......

..... and contagious.


  1. He is so gorgeous! Poor baby. Conjunctivitis is terrible. Thankfully the little Chubba hasn't had it yet. The bottom lip is definitely a killer =)

  2. Poor Charlie, he needs a hug and I am tipping that having to deal with a miserable (yet totally adorable little one) you do to. I hope the healing process is quick.