Sunday, September 19, 2010

When in a funk....

Last night I was in a funk.

Just ask my poor long suffering husband, I'm sure he would more than confirm it. But being the wonderful husband he is, he said and did all the right things.

I was just in one of those moods where everything in life seems difficult and the thought of a different life is extremely alluring. So we talked of life changes and dreams we would like to fulfill.

I'm pleased to say that our dreams mesh nicely together and are achievable. Gosh it would be terrible if our dreams clashed. Say for example he wanted to be a cowboy in a big hat riding off into the sunset and I wanted to be a world famous supermodel. I just don't see that working.

(Disclaimer : Del doesn't really want to be a cowboy, though personally I think he'd look great in a pair of chaps. And I would like to have a go at being a world famous supermodel, but I would need to grow at least a foot taller and become stunningly beautiful first.)

After our deep and meaningful chat, I did what I usually do when I feel unsettled. I turned to my cards.

Specifically, my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.

I use these gorgeous cards regularly, as they are quick and easy to use, and I just love the images upon them. So I shuffled the cards for a while, getting the feel for them, then took a deep breathe, asked for guidance, and cut the deck.

And the lady Aeracura (Air-uh-cure-uh) was revealed.

Aeracura is a Celtic goddess who acted as Earth Mother, a fairy queen and a bridge between earthly life and the hereafter. How appropriate for this time of year! Her message is that I am ready for a new beginning, ready to blossom and grow, but I can't rush the process. Take the time to learn, gather ideas and plan. Soon enough I'll get the signal that it's time for action.

I could hardly believe how appropriate her message was. Del and I had just come to the conclusion that any major changes to our lives would have to wait a few years till Kaiden had finished high school, but in the mean time we would research, plot and plan.

I just love it when I get confirmation that we're on the right path.

And just like that, my funk was over and I was smiling.


  1. Hooray for an understanding husband and the 'spirits' aligning for a funk lifting evening! I have had plenty of those nights...

  2. I am happy that your future plans and paths are similar, I am not sure what path to follow and that is the cause of my funk. Do you think that you could shuffle your cards to lift me out of a funk too?

  3. I have never heard of those cards. I clicked on the link and it all sounds very interesting, a bit like Tarot cards.