Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who Would of Thought That Teenagers are Prone to Exaggeration.

The weather forecast is 42 degrees Celsius with thunderstorms.

My plan to survive tomorrow = jump in the pool early, stay in until Charlie and I are all pruny, get out long enough to eat then jump right back in.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Not at all.

Although I like warm weather, this is just ridiculous. If I had wanted this kind of heat I'd live in a desert. Oh yeah, Australia is pretty much desert.

Kaiden has tried to convince me to let him have the day off school tomorrow. Unfortunately he needs to work on his skills of persuasion. His reasoning is that some of his classes are NOT air conditioned and ALL his friends are getting to spend the day at home.

Using my mum super powers to read through the teenage exaggeration, I translate that to mean that maybe just one of his class rooms isn't air conditioned, perhaps it's actually someone else's classroom that just happens to be near his, or maybe he heard an urban myth that there might be a classroom without air conditioning.

Also instead of all his friends being allowed to stay home, maybe it's just one of his friends getting the day off, or maybe one of his friends just happened to mention that they would like the day off.

Me cynical?

Today's post will be short. The awake/sleep balance is not looking good at the moment. 42 hours awake/3 hours sleep.

What's the odds Charlie will sleep through the night tonight? Pretty low. What's the odds he will sleep past 5am? Even lower.

Lucky for him he's such a gorgeous cherub. And I have lots of coffee to hand.


  1. Your son has gorgeous eyes! They remind me of Dorian's actually, with those long lashes.

    Sucks about the sleep thing! This is when moms start wondering why someone hasn't invented a sleep drug for babies . . . ;)

  2. Corey gets lots of comments on his lashes, usually from women wishing theirs were as long!! I had noticed that your boys have lovely big brown eyes too.
    And I'm pleased to report that Charlie only woke once at 3am last night, and slept in till 5.30am.
    Once upon a life before kids that would have been considered a horrible nights sleep, nowadays that's not doing too bad really! Funny how perspectives change.

  3. oh my what a lucky boy -- those lashes are awesome!! I am very jealous of the heat right now-- I woke up to -8 degrees F this morning. That pool looks mighty nice right now!

  4. Thanks kbreints for your comment on my post.
    And maybe we can work out some kind of weather swap, just for a day though, as I think I would much rather take the heat over the cold!
    Tomorrow is to be slightly cooler here, only 40 degrees C, positively arctic ! LOL

  5. Today it got into the twenties here (F) and I was ready to go out without a coat!!