Sunday, September 12, 2010

The trouble with an active mind

It's Sunday night and I'm tired. Bone weary and struggling to make it to bedtime.

Yet I'm baking chocolate chip cookies. Go figure.

I have no idea what I should write about, I'm fresh out of ideas. It's been an extremely full and busy week yet, nothing, my mind is blank. Perhaps too much has been happening and it's whirling around at a furious pace inside my head. Kind a like a blender of ideas and experiences, and goodness only knows how it will taste when it stops. It might need more vanilla.

Late at night, as I lay in bed on my left side, nice and relaxed, till I get too uncomfortable and have to turn over to my right side, well anyway, at that particular time my brain is choc full of wonderful, fantastic and the best ever things to write about. It's not like I have anything else to do, like sleep for example. My brain just doesn't want to stop and it's killing me.

I run through recent events and happenings and write blog posts in my mind. They're witty yet thought provoking and insightful all at the same time. I lay there constructing the perfect sentence in my head, the one that conveys everything I could ever want to convey in a sentence, and it's just the best writing ever. I even repeat it over and over in the vain effort that I will remember it in the morning. But of course I never do.

I only ever remember that I had constructed the BEST BLOG POST EVER.

And then forgot it.

I wonder what fabulous thing I'll think up tonight that will be lost forever in the deep recesses of my mind. If only I could turn my head on the side, give a couple of knocks and all those great ideas would come tumbling out. Do you think hypnosis might bring them back?

No? *sigh*


  1. Oh I am the same way! Maybe sleep will help....

  2. Me too! Of late I construct blog posts in my head as I run of a morning, chant the winning phrases over and over but the moment I head indoors, nothing!

    I hope things quieten down for you, or that you get to enjoy cookies.

  3. I can't see thing quietening down around here, but the cookies were delicious ;-)

  4. Hi,

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