Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello...... is anyone still out there???

So. Yeah.

I'm still here.

I'm not quite sure what's gone on this past week and a half. Life, I guess.

My difficult, busy, demanding, eccentric life.

Things got to the point where something had to give, and for a short time that thing was this blog. That and a decent amount of sleep.

Nothing dramatic or different than usual was going on, just having a tiny bit of difficulty with the logistics of trying to fit 30 hours worth of stuff into each 24 hour period.

Also, I'm finding that my unfit and older than I remember body is taking it's time adjusting to the demands of getting back into martial arts training.

In fact, I get the distinct feeling that my body is rebelling against me. You know, having a bit of a tantrum over my recent harsh treatment of it. As if a tantrum-ing almost 2 yr old isn't enough, now my body gets in on the act. Sheesh!!

Just the other night I copped a hard round house kick on the outer thigh from a guy who must be at least 8 foot tall.

I'll spare you the pain filled details - but OUCH!

I'm still hobbling.

So after that, and a few other minor fight related injuries (how bad-ass do I sound?), I thought I would try to reach a truce with my body and took tonight off from training. I'm hoping I'll be fighting fit (nice pun eh?) by next session.

This is not me. This is actually Mrs Sharon Serdinsky from the US, a 5th Degree Black Belt.
She is kindly acting as my photo stand in.
You really don't want a photo of me mid-session. Trust me.
Instead, imagine if you will, a much less flexible version of this woman, panting for breathe, with trembling limbs and bucket loads of sweat.
Then you might be close.

To recap : I think I'm finally back on top of work, kids seem to be organised for upcoming exams and sporting commitments, and so I shall endeavor to post a bit more of what things having been and are going on in our crazy lives.

That and try to get a decent amount of sleep.


  1. Thanks for a good chuckle Lei! Eight foot tall? He should pick on someone his own size. Night night. Love Soul Sister Sharon in Singapore (a lot of 'S's!)

  2. SERIOUS ouch. I am still here!

  3. Thanks for the comment my dear Soul Sister! Sorry I haven't replied to you email yet. Bad me.

    Katie - thanks for still being out there! LOL

  4. Ouch. Just thinking about your training makes me hurt all over.