Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have something to say.

Hello. My name is Leiani and I'm a bad mother.

My mugshot for the Bad Mothers Hall of Fame

Well, sometimes I'm a great mother.

But now is not one of those times.

Right now I'm a bad mother. With a capital B.

I think I've just ruined my middles son's chances for greatness in this life. And I feel terrible.

I don't know what's happened to me lately, I seem to be dropping the ball, so to speak. A recent example is my inability to tell time.

Of course I'm great at planning to be organised and recently professed to be the Organisation Queen.

But as the saying goes 'pride comes before the fall'. And in this case it's true, as I'm having a bit of a problem following through on all my grand organisation plans lately.

Corey is due to start high school in January and his chosen school was asking for applications to be submitted for their Academic Extension program. It's basically identifying all the smarty pants students and putting them into specialised classes where they will be challenged a bit more.

And my boy definitely fits the smart pants criteria, I'm proud to say. His favourite subject is Maths, and Corey can often be found helping his brother Kaiden with his maths homework.


Oh, and Kaiden is 3 grades ahead of Corey.

Corey also reads at a high level and is already in PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge - basically the primary school version of the high school program).

So back to my failings as a mother.

I picked up the application from the school along with the application for the Specialist Soccer program (Corey is not only exceptionally brainy but is also a talented soccer player) , I gave the forms a quick once over looking at the submission date and then put them away in the paper work drawer in my kitchen to fill in later.

That was the fatal mistake.

I left them there, thinking I had ages to complete them, and I didn't write the dates on my calendar or in my diary as I should have.

I think you can guess what's coming.

I took the forms out this morning to fill them in, thinking 'oh I have another few weeks to get them in, I'm so organised and wonderful getting it done now etc etc'.

I looked at the submission date on the Soccer application - 21 May.

No problem.

I looked at the submission date on the Academic application - 1 April.

Oh, sh*t. (I don't often swear but this was warranted I believe)

I may have just messed up my son's future. He needs to be challenged in school. He needs to have this extra work, it will open up so many windows of opportunity he might otherwise not get. OMG what have I done?

All I can do is phone the school on Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday here) and beg them to accept a late application.

My dilemma is, do I tell them the truth? That I'm a disorganised mother and didn't look at the date properly.

Or do I make up a little white lie, and say that we only just got the forms, or only just decided that this is the school he wanted or some other plausible reason why we are late submitting the forms?

Please help me plan what to do.

And I promise I'll try to follow the plan properly this time.


  1. Everyone forgets things every now and then, don't beat yourself up about it too much. Perhaps you forgetting is a sign that there is something bigger and better waiting, perhaps a scholarship for Corey and all his awesomeness? Anyway, I hope that you get a chance to submit the paperwork on Tuesday and it all works out.

    PS - great dress

  2. Beautiful Photo! HARDLY a mug shot.... I am sure that there is something that can be done! They will not want him in classes that will not be right for him.

    ummm... and Monday's are public holidays?? EVERY Monday? I am SO moving there ;)