Monday, March 22, 2010

A Years Worth of Rain.... in The Space of Two Hours

Today the drought broke. Finally.

After almost 5 months of no rain, the skies opened wide. And wider. And wider.

We had a storm of epic proportions with huge fat rain drops, hail the size of golf balls, flash flooding and gale force winds complete with trees down in the park across from us.

All while it was 33 degrees C and humid.

The older two boys are upset that ten of the local schools will be closed tomorrow due to storm damage.

They're upset because they attend none of those schools.

We were lucky. We suffered no damage but there are currently 100,000 homes without power, most of the city's hospitals were damaged, lightning strikes were frequent, hail damage extensive, flooding is still a problem in places and a mud slide hit an apartment building and one man is missing. Luckily no-one died in this storm. It was the worst storm to hit Perth in a very long time.

But two hours after it started, it was all over and there was sunshine again. With that beautiful clarity of light that you can only get after a thunderstorm has washed the world clean again.
Unfortunately, the camera battery needed recharging so I didn't get any photos. And it was such a great photo opportunity too.

But Charlie was happy to have seen a rather large rainbow arcing across the sky after the storm cleared, and insisted that we sing 'I Can Sing a Rainbow'. Multiple times.

And now I can't get that annoyingly catchy tune out of my head.

"I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too........."


  1. Hooray for rain but not so much for storm damage. It sounds like you survived, I hope the boys cope going to school tomorrow.

  2. Yay for rain! I cannot imagine that long without precipitation!

  3. it was on the news over here Leiani, about the crazy weather you guys had. Glad to hear you're all okay and had no damage.

    Gill in Canada