Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not again!

Another one of us has been struck down. *sigh*

Yes, Kaiden is unwell, possibly with Glandular Fever. *double sigh*

He's currently fluctuating between wallowing in a mass of messy bedcovers or sitting with x-box controller in hand, relishing spending the day being idle and getting to play xbox uninterrupted for hours on end.

I'm kinda nice like that when my boys are ill.

And as you can probably tell, he's not exactly at death's door.

More kind of wandering down the path of self pity, with an unhealthy dose of sore throat, chills and nausea thrown in.

He had blood tests done earlier today which will tell us if it's GF, though I have all my fingers and some of my toes crossed that it's not.

Given that he has exams next week, and should be spending this time studying English, Science, Maths etc instead of agonising over which accessories to apply to his x-box high speed race car, I will be more than a little suspicious if the blood results come back negative.

Hmmm.... doesn't look too sick to me.


  1. Oh no! That's terrible another one is sick. I hope your boys recover quickly and that it doesn't spread to everyone else.

  2. I have been holding my breath around here.... there have been two notes went home int eh last two days telling me about kids in henry's class that have different ailments. Please no! Not before 18 people arrive for thanksgiving!

  3. We finally got the bloods back just the other day, and it showed that he doesn't have Glandular Fever now, but that he has had it in the past. Unfortunately there is no time indication so it could of been a month ago or years ago. A person can have GF with very mild symptoms and just pass it off as a cold, so that must of been what happened with Kaiden. It seems he just had some other virus this time! At least he's almost back to full health again, just in time for his exams to start tomorrow!