Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just an ordinary day

It's only 2.24pm and I'm tired.

So far today I've
  • got up and showered before anyone else was up (a rare treat but had to sacrifice a bit of extra sleep to achieve it)
  • organised breakfast for 3 boys and myself,
  • made school lunches and did the dishes
  • threw a load of washing on (mixing whites and darks together, terrible homemaking skills there)
  • drove the big boys to two different schools, then drove home singing Wheels on the Bus over and over again to Charlie
  • got to sit down to drink a quick cup of coffee, but had to do it picnic style on a rug on the floor with Charlie
  • checked work tasks & emails etc whilst feeding Charlie (I'm getting good at multi tasking)
  • vacuumed
  • dusted
  • hung out two loads of washing in the sunshine, while admiring Charlie's new ant friends
  • changed a dirty nappy (bet you really wanted to know that LOL)
  • took Charlie and our dog to the park for a run in the sun
  • fed Charlie lunch whilst trying to divert a two year old meltdown, due to the fact that Roary the Racing Car is no longer on tv (so what do you want me to do about it, kid?)
  • cleaned spagetti bolognese off the floor
  • read Charlie a story, skipping all the boring bits because I was tired
  • sung him his lullaby and put him down for his nap
  • took a big breathe
  • made myself some lunch
  • got stuck into work
  • got overwhelmed and stressed by how much work there is to do, due to someone being away sick for a week and me having to do two jobs
  • stopped working to write this blog post.

Today I have yet to :
  • get Charlie up from his nap - I can hear him chatting away in his bed but he hasn't yet demanded "I get up NOW" so he can stay there a bit longer
  • go and pick up the big boys from their schools
  • take them to the train station to visit their dad for the afternoon and evening
  • go to the furniture store to pick up the kitchen stools I had ordered that are now in
  • struggle to get the boxes into the car, get frustrated and try not say a swear word in front of Charlie who is parroting everything back these day
  • drive home in peak hour traffic
  • arrive home more stressed than when I left
  • make dinner whilst entertaining a hungry toddler hanging off my leg
  • eat dinner
  • bath Charlie and get completely soaked myself in the process
  • feed Charlie his dessert
  • fob Charlie off to Daddy as he walks through the door
  • get changed into martial arts clothes
  • go train with a 9th dan black belt
  • release a lot of stress
  • drive home
  • shower
  • collapse

1 comment:

  1. Wow, reading this makes me feel tired, and that is after having a 2 hour nanna nap as you were posting this. In my defense, I had a manic start to the day, was attacked by a duck, had bloods taken, prepared dinner and pretended to clean the house. I should add that today is my weekend, I am working all day on Saturday.