Friday, May 28, 2010

What the Universe is Whispering to Me

Today I was bold.

Yep, that's right. Bold.

I've been trying to pay attention to the what the universe has been saying to me the last few days.

And I heard something.

Two things to be exact.

1. Be Bold. Daring. Move out of my comfort zone.

2. Purification. Time to detox my body, mind and life.

So starting with message one, I decided to be decisive regarding a recent invitation I'd received. It was an invite to celebrate the upcoming Winter Solstice.

This was from a group of lovely ladies that I had discovered online, and chatted with but not yet met in real life. It's easy to talk and chat and be friendly on the internet. I can take my time in what I say, formulate my replies, work out how to be witty/intelligent/light hearted/thoughtful etc etc.

But in real life interactions I don't have that luxury. I say things that later I have a little cringe over. Did I really say that, I wonder later? Yep sure did.

I long to have loads of friends, be the life and soul of the party but that's just not me it seems.
I'm an extrovert trapped in an introverts body.

I'm also a bit of a homebody.

I love my routines, I love my home, I love spending time with my family and going out and doing things interrupts these things.

So to accept this invitation to go and meet new people is a bold move for me. But I'm really very excited about going.

On to message number two (in three parts) :

Purification of my life - going ok so far. Am working on living more simply. That would count. Right?

Purification of my mind - going good too. Trying to live in the now. No stressing etc etc. Big tick for this one.

Purification of my body - ummmm.... the 3 coffees today, butterscotch pudding with ice cream for dessert, and a handful (very very large handful) of lollies earlier makes me think I need to do a bit more work toward achieving this particular one.

It's good to have a goal though.

A far off, somewhere in the distant type of goal.

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  1. Getting out of your comfort zone is great, I did and the people I met were as amazing as I had imagined and I don't think I was as uncouth as I thought I would be!
    Oh and I have heard that butterscotch pudding is great for detoxing!