Friday, May 21, 2010

The Now

Over the past day, I've had a chance to catch up on reading a few blogs, which I don't get to do often enough. You know, no time and all that.

As I read one post after another, I see a pattern - I think the universe was sending me a message.

Yes, via blog post.

It seems the universe is remarkably up to date with modern technology. It'll be opening a Twitter account soon, I'm sure.

So the message I got was, would you believe it, TO SLOW DOWN.

Like, duh? Really?

Of course I know I need to slow down, smell the roses, focus on the journey not the destination etc etc, but usually real life seems to get in the way of this.

Sometimes a little extra motivation is needed. And that's what I got.

Reading about others, some living similar lives to me, some totally different, write about how they need to or how they are taking life one moment at a time, was great incentive. If all these other people can try and/or achieve this, why am I always so busy and stressed?

So my goal is to live in the 'now'.

That might sound all new age-y to some, but if I can let go of analysing what's just happened and most of all let go of stressing over what's to come, I know that will be a good thing.

Currently, my 'now' is a screaming almost two year old determined to climb onto my lap whilst I'm simultaneously typing and drinking a hot cup of tea.

Here's to living in the now.

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