Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, for goodness sake.

Having a 21 month old around who is learning and parroting words at a rapid pace, certainly makes one watch their tongue.

I try to be a good parent. My children are loved and cherished, well fed, clean and tidy and demonstrate good manners (generally, but you can always count on kids to show you up though). And we don't allow swearing or talking back either.

When the bigger boys were toddlers, we didn't have too many problems with inappropriate speech.

Unless you count Kaiden replacing the 'tr' of truck, with an 'f'. That did take a bit of explaining, I'll admit.

But it was a completely innocent mispronunciation.

I swear.

And as toddler Corey had a slight speech problem, in that he spoke so unclearly that we needed Kaiden to translate, as he was the only one who could understand Corey for quite some time.

And now I think of it, for all I know Corey could of been cursing with every second word back then. Hmmmm.

Once Kaiden did try swearing at me, when he was about 6 years old. Punishment was swift.

And soapy.

Yes, I used the same method as one does for lying, and washed his mouth out with soap. I know, I know. But it was only a tiny little bit and suffice to say he learnt that lesson well.

But back to today.

And Charlie.

It's recently come to my attention that when, on occassion, I need to.... ahh, let's say.... 'reprimand' the two older boys for their behaviour, I obviously repeat similar words each time.

Very similar words.

Along the lines of "Oh for goodness sake boys, blah blah blah (insert appropriate ranting and raving here) .........."

With especial emphasis and passion on one particular part.

How do I know this, you may ask.

Well, frequently, way to frequently in fact, I hear Charlie muttering under his breath "oh sake".

He'll be walking along, drop a toy accidentally and then state "oh sake".

Or his block tower will collapse in front of him. "Oh sake".

Or for no apparent reason. "Oh sake".

Then he'll look at me with a little half smile, as if to say "how on earth is one expected to cope with this? I know you understand, Mummy".

I think that's what they call a PARENTING FAIL.

Oh, for goodness sake.

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  1. We had frucks at our house for quite some time so I feel your pain.
    Oh sake is at least a cute phrase.

    I had another mum comment that she heard me in my boy when he came to play. Something along the lines of "you need to make a choice here, you can either play with a friend who doesn't get to visit often OR watch tv." Sometimes they make you proud!