Thursday, May 20, 2010

School life

Kaiden has had his Yr 10 exams all this week, and I've been so proud of him. Last week he planned out his study schedule.

Kaiden and schedule. Two words I thought I'd never put into the same sentence.

In a positive way that is.

He has been focused and studied hard each afternoon, without complaint and without procrastination.

The only problem is the music.

VERY LOUD MUSIC that emanates from his room whilst he's studying. Apparently it's the best way to study as the loud music drowns out any other distractions. Okay.

Charlie, after hearing the 'doof doof doof' resonating from Kaiden's room, innocently asked "Kaiden stomping?".

Yes, darling boy, Kaiden may actually be stomping in there. Who knows?

After a recent debacle regarding Corey applying for the Academic Extension program at the High School next year, all has ended well (so far). I rang the school and luckily the teacher in charge of the program was a very wise man, and had ordered extra exam papers just in case of late applications arriving.

I breathed a very big sigh of relief, that I hadn't ruined my son's future.

So bright and early one recent Saturday morning, Corey showed up at the High School to sit his exam. He wasn't nervous at all. Cool as a cucumber my boy.

But there was something that was bothering him a little.

3 1/2 hours of exams about to begin?


It was the fact that he had to show up in school uniform.


How is a boy supposed to cope?

But he felt confident, so we shall wait for the results and see.

Both boys have also applied for the Soccer Excellence program at the High School next year, applications are due tomorrow. And yes I checked the date this time!

Multiple forms had to be completed, one of which was to be completed by the boys themselves. Question 4 was "Why do you wish to join the Soccer Excellence Program?'.

Relatively easy right?

Ah, not so. It was like pulling teeth trying to get them to articulate a decent answer.

Somehow the following two initial answer weren't quite right:

"I want to join because I'm not in any special programs and I want to be".

"I want to join because I like soccer".

Somehow I think they're looking for a bit more than that.

Trials commence next week, so once again, we shall wait and see.

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