Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday....... in Pictures

The Easter Bunny's been!!!!

A close up of Charlie's surprise. The Easter Bunny left him a little chocolate bunny, a book and a couple of little toys.

The big boys received a large egg and a dvd each.

Kaiden was pleased with the Holden easter egg he got.

The Easter Bunny obviously knows my son's liking for cars. (BTW check out the muscles!! My boy is turning into a man!)

Don't let the face fool you, Corey was happy with his soccer ball egg really.

Except for the fact that the packaging stated it was 50g less than Kaiden's.

How dare the Easter Bunny leave him a smaller egg than his brother's.

Charlie doesn't remember last Easter so this was all new to him.

But it took him less than 5 seconds to figure out what to do with his chocolate bunny.

Rip the paper off and.....

...straight in the mouth.

The Easter Bunny really did come.

Charlie had great fun following the footprints and pointing each one out to us.

All morning all we heard from Charlie was "Bummy, bummy, bummy".

Which is how I will forever think of the Easter Bunny from now on.

We then had an Easter egg hunt, which Charlie loved. Easily hidden eggs for Charlie and some a little more tricky for the older two.

Even big boys love an Easter egg hunt.

But I must say they found the eggs easier than I thought they would, so next year I'll have to get a lot more sneaky with hiding places.

Back of the fridge, behind the lettuce maybe?

Charlie enjoyed the extra chocolate the Easter egg hunt gave him.

He was zooming around the house on a sugar high for hours after that.

Maybe next year we should skip the chocolate.

Great in theory but that means I'd miss out on chocolate too.

Not such a great idea after all.

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  1. Oh my kids were all amped all weekend-- I am not in teh habbit of giving them a lot of sweets so when they get it... they crash HARD!