Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Aftermath

I've eaten so much chocolate over the last few days, that I feel ill. And guilty.

But that won't stop me from consuming more and more until it's all gone.

Charlie has prickles stuck in his poor little baby feet, that look to be getting infected and seem to be bothering him greatly. He thinks a great new game is to pull off the tea tree coated band-aids I put on him and throw them in the bin when I'm not looking.

And now I've run out of band-aids.

Corey is suffering from multiple minor injuries. (currently a shoulder and foot injury). Nothing new there. He'll be fine.

He always is.

Kaiden, well he seems to be the only one in good shape physically. Touch wood. Though he is feeling a bit down as a planned trip to the movies with friends didn't eventuate.

That's a big deal when your 14.

And Del is still feeling the on again, off again effects of the cold-that-never-ends. But he soldiers on. Even managing to work a 10 hour day today.

He's a tough one, is my beloved.

Not the most exciting post I know. I'll try to find something more funny, cute or exciting for next time.

Or even all of the above if you're lucky.

I'll even try to get photos.

Completely un-staged of course.


  1. Touch wood-- is that like Knock on wood? :) I hope everyone is on the mend soon!

  2. Hopefully your house of owies, ailments and minor injuries is on the mend and you can enjoy a holiday of sorts.

  3. Yes, it's touch wood for luck and to ward off bad influences.
    A new day has brought a fresh outlook, and even with the various ailments around here, life is good.