Saturday, April 24, 2010

For the Sake of Posterity

This weekend my in-laws have come to visit.

I love it when they come to visit.

I'm one of the lucky ones who actually gets on well with her mother-in-law.

We all raced around this morning and tidied up the house ready for their arrival. I love it when my home is tidy and clean.

It makes me happy.

So whilst my house is looking nice I took the opportunity to take a few photos. For the sake of posterity. I love looking at photos of my past homes, it brings back all the wonderful memories.

Especially the home I was in when my big boys were born. I remember coming home from the hospital with Kaiden only a few days old, it was Spring, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming in my garden. And all was right with the world.

I love those memories.

That's why I wanted to take photos of this home, to one day be able to reconnect with the sweet memories of Charlie's babyhood.

Also, I thought there may be a slight chance that someone out there in internet-land would like to see where I live.

I think perhaps I'm a little bit nosy as I love seeing blogs that give a peek into their homes ocassionally. I think it adds another dimension to their stories.

So here goes :

Let's start with the kitchen. It seems to be where I spend most of my time. I love that it's large and bright.

What I don't love is the green bench tops.

This is the living area off the kitchen. Charlie spends most of his day playing here. His toys are kept in the wooden cabinet. He loves having his own little toy cupboard, and happily puts his toys away when he's finished.

A closer look of the same area. It's a very comfy couch. Not that I get time to sit on it as much as I'd like.

A peek through the french doors into our sunny tv room. This room is heaven in winter as it gets the sun all day long. But in summer, oh my, it turns into a sauna if the blinds aren't down.

The view of the other part of our tv room. Note the tv program on at the time. That would be Kaiden, my car obsessed son watching tv then.

The dining room which is off the kitchen/living room area. A very grown up dining room, which I'm always slightly nervous having the children eat in.

And myself, if I'm truthful.

I just love the chinese dragon wall relief, that Del brought home as a surprise not too long ago. It was just perfect for this area.

And finally, our front living area, that looks over our front garden. The main front door to our home, is on the other side of the wall behind this couch.

This room is decorated a lot more modern than the others, hanging on the wall is a selection of aboriginal tribal weapons that Del bought when he first arrived in this country.

The other side of this room. Note the target artwork on the wall. Our little tribute to the mod era.

I love my home and hope we are here for many happy years to come.


  1. My guys would never survive in a dining room as amazing as yours. Our eating area look like a horde of wildebeest have been feeding under the table most days!

    Thanks for sharing your home. It looks like a great place for a family to grow and love.

  2. What a lovely spacious home! I am glad that I am not the only one that takes photos of our homes... I to like to look back and rememebr the wonderful things that happened in those four walls :) Enjoy your in-laws visit!