Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashionable and Fabulous Friday (on a Saturday. Again)

It's summer.

It's hot.

We may be hit by a cyclone tonight.

That about sums up the focus of our lives right now. So what shall we do? Batten down the hatches? Prepare emergency food, water and torches?


Not me. I take photos of what I'm wearing instead. Priorities, you know.

Silk camisole top, little black shorts and high heels are mandatory cyclone weather fashion in my book.

Just because one's hair might get a little messy in 120kph cyclonic winds, doesn't mean the rest of you should look a mess.

Standards, people, standards.

Ok, seriously now, I think that's enough trivialities for the moment. I'm off to pretend I know what I'm doing for cyclone preparedness.

Such as prepare my outfit for tonight.

I have to look good in case the State Emergency Services show up if our roof blows off, you know.

Standards and all that.


  1. If i could whistle... i would! i bet your hubby likes that one! LOL... don't worry, it is still Friday here!

    Gosh-- I sure hope that you weather the storm safetly!

  2. Gee thanks *blush* I guess all the hard work at martial arts pays off when I can still wear short shorts at 36 and after 3 kids!!!

  3. Wow! I can imagine your husband is prancing around with a huge smile on his face about that outfit lol. At 36, with 3 kids, wearing short shorts.. Goddess bless you! I'm 23 and can't pull off shorts like that hahaha.

  4. You look hot, and more than prepared for a cyclone. I figure if you need rescuing all you need to do is mms one of these pic to the SES and they will be at your place first! Stay safe.