Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black is the New Black

This is what happens to washing day when you have teenage boys.

It becomes a repetitive cycle of black, black and more black. Oh, for a little colour.

But wait...... there in the corner, what do I spy? A little bit of blue?

It's Kaiden's much cherished Top Gear shirt, hiding in a sea of dullness.

This shows how much he loves cars and the show Top Gear. He's willing to forgo black for a change, step beyond his fashion boundaries and wear a little blue.

Thank goodness Charlie is still young enough to not care what colour I dress him in.



  1. I could almost cope with that load of washing - I have an amazing ability to ruin washing, even when I follow instructions.

  2. I cannot wait to see wht the boys decide to wear when I am no longer picking out their clothes!

  3. at least it doesn't take much to sort the colours from the whites now does it!!

    They do grow out of that phase......really they do!!