Friday, April 2, 2010

And so it begins.

It's 12.21pm.

We've survived the first morning of the autumn school holidays.

Kaiden and Corey have been holed up in Kaiden's room all morning, killing zombies or aliens or something equally as testosterone filled and disturbing. I just peeked in a while ago and the wave of heat and boy smell that hit me, made me retreat quick smart.

They did emerge briefly earlier this morning for Hot Cross Buns. Being soldiers of fortune is obviously hungry work.

Soon I'll have to become the horrible mum who spoils all their fun, and kick them out of that room and get them to do something a little more physical or constructive. Such as mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool, I think.

Gosh I love having my slaves boys home all day.

Charlie is currently fast asleep in his cot, tightly clutching Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy.

As an aside; until a few weeks ago I didn't have a clue who these characters were either. But since Charlie has fallen deeply and completely in love with the program In The Night Garden, I have become a bit of an expert. Out of sheer necessity. An 18mth old insistently asking "who's dat?" over and over can become quite wearing.

"Who's dat?"

"That's the Ninky Nonk."

"Who's dat?"

"That's the Pinky Ponk."

"And that strange looking alien creature there is Makka Pakka. Just be careful your older brothers don't catch sight of him or that will be the end of Makka Pakka."

But back to the school holidays.

I have a list (of course I have a list!!!) of things for us all to do over the holidays, so although I still have to work during this time, I do plan on making this 2 weeks as fun as possible. But I'm sure some of the things on the list will make the older boys groan and roll their eyes at the thought of going to some uncool place like a park or the zoo. WITH THEIR PARENTS. Oh the cruelty!

Wish me luck.


  1. I can't believe it's the start of Fall for you guys. We are going to have summer like weather here on Friday with temps hitting the high 20's!!


  2. Gill - that's about the same temps we're having here at the moment. We're all so happy that the extreme heat of summer is over, and it's cooled down enough to be able to spend more time outside without being fried to a crisp!

  3. It is fun for me to read about the difference in seasons from where we are (the middle of the united states) to where you live. When does your school year run? Ours is from August through May or June... then a 2 1/2 month summer vacation for the kids. Winter here is December - March.

    So neat to have contact with someone from across the world :)

  4. Our school year is from Feb - Dec, with four terms. At the end of Term 1 is Feb till the autumn break over Easter, then after Term 2 ends there's a 2 week break in June for winter, then Term 3 finishes with another 2 week break in September, then Term 4 runs till mid December. Then the kids have around 6 - 8 weeks off over summer, till the new school year starts again in Feb.

    A 2 1/2 months over summer is a LONG break! How do you cope LOL. Our kids get shorter though more regular holidays throughout the year.

    I like that the school year starts and finishes reasonably in line with the normal year.

    Our weather is now starting to cool down with temps in the high 20's (celsius), it's been lovely. Though today looks like we might get some rain.

  5. Have a great holiday. I had grand plans to do fun 'stuff' with my guys but they decided to stay at my folks so it will be a quiet last week for me.