Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What? Life with no TV?

A week ago a man came and took our tv away. All 97kg of it.

It was rushed away for emergency care. Prognosis was not good, it might not make it. It may even end up in tv heaven.

It's barely 4 years old.

But that is most definitely a lifetime in tv world, it seems.

And with our tv's exit, so began our journey of life with no tv.

The first few nights were well occupied getting Charlie to bed by 8pm (ish), getting some work done, then sitting down to read a book.

A book! In the evening? Fancy that!

With so much spare time I finished the book in 2 days.

I then twiddled my thumbs and wondered what to do next. It was then that I realised I was tired. Very, very tired.

Without the distraction of tv to numb my mind, and put me in a catatonic state, I realised I was tired. So I went to bed.

Only to lay awake for hours. And hours.

And hours.

Frustration would be an understatement at that point.

From what I've written you'd imagine that I was a tv junkie, right? But actually, no. I don't watch tv during the day at all, and only sit down about 9pm with a cup of tea to watch an hour or so of our favourite recorded shows. We don't watch for the sake of it, we record only tv that we actually want to watch.

But going without even that small amount of tv watching, was dearly felt. After a week I realised that there are times where I enjoy just sitting there being entertained and informed, to sit and watch, drink my tea, snack on a bit of chocolate perhaps (just a little bit) and do absolutely nothing after a hectic, long and sometimes stressful day.

So last night we caved in. We set up the laptop in the bedroom, settled in with cups of tea and a box of valentines day chocolate and watched a movie.

It was bliss. We realised what we'd been missing all week. So nice to just sit and watch and relax.

Today Del rang the tv repair place.

We'll get out tv back next week.

Then perhaps all will be right with the world again.


  1. Every parent I know who loses their TV/Internet are always so ecstatic about it. It's always "YAY! Now we can have some real family time!" only to realize after a few hours, how much they relied on those blessings for a little bit of sanity to follow a stressful day. I hope for a speedy recovery for your TV lol

  2. TV repair man? I did not know such people existed. LOL We rely on TV way to much and sometimes I contemplate throwing the thing out the window. But alas, Dan is going to purchase a bigger better one soon for his man cave.

  3. I am a tv junkie.....I hold my hand up to that!!