Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School Days

Yesterday was the first day back at school for my big boys after the Easter break. Some of us were looking forward to this more than others.

No need to name names.

But here's a clue : three letters, starts with M, ends with M, and has a vowel in the middle.


Hmmm..... any guesses?

Anyway, this nameless person had a herself a good day, pottering around the house, and even managing to complete a large amount of 'work' work (paid work as opposed to housework or any other one of the million types of work *she* does).

Then glancing at the clock realised that she better get her butt into gear and go pick up two big boys from school.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, this nameless person was rather puzzled to find it empty. Not one car in the small space that is usually dangerously crammed with harried mothers in mini-vans, all vying for the one last spot.

Momentary feelings of displacement were experienced.

As in what's going on here? Was a memo overlooked stating that finish time has changed?

Then the slowly a thought dawned. LOOK AT YOUR WATCH.


Umm, yeah.

2 'o' clock.

Sheepishly, this nameless person turned the car (not a mini-van) around and slowly drove back home, thankful that there was no-one in that empty car park to witness her arriving to pick up her child AN HOUR EARLY.

Better than an hour late, I guess.


  1. Oops, that sounds like something I would totally do (actually I have). I am always nervous first day back wondering if I have actually remembered the right date.
    Enjoy the peace and the ability to 'work' again.

  2. Yeah! I would say you were just on top of things! can't Fault someone for being early!