Saturday, April 17, 2010

What a Bad Blogger Am I

I've been a very bad blogger this week. I've not had a minute to spare lately.

The following two words should explain everything :


To recap we have........

Played toys at home.

Played dress ups.

Had friends come for a sleep over. How much sleep was actually had, could be debated.

Had a (pretend) ride on Daddy's scooter.

Played toys some more.

Turned into a TV zombie.

Tried on Daddy's shoes for size.

Had to put up with the incessant noise of the vacuum cleaner whilst trying to watch favourite shows on the computer.

And attempted to make friends with the local wildlife.

A busy week in all.

Upon compiling these photos, I realise that I sadly lack captured moments of my two big boys.

Usually due to the fact they're rarely around.

I'll try to pin them both down soon. Convince them to come home and let me take photos of them.

Perhaps I can lure them in with food.

1 comment:

  1. Your holidays sound like fun.
    I hope you have settled back into the reality that is school madness and mayhem.