Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

Today's cryptic blog post title is an attempt to lead into talking about my martial arts training via a Karate Kid reference. But somehow I don't think my mind works along the same lines as other people and therefore the post title relating to the post content connection may just come across as a bit lame.

Ah well. I can't be bothered to change it now. Lame post title it is.

You never know, I might get a whole new readership from people searching Google for things like 'best way to wax my car' or 'how to put leg wax on'.

A big shout out to all those car cleaning enthusiast and leg waxers out there. Welcome to my blog. Sorry to disappoint but I don't tend to mention car wax, leg wax, or other type of wax very often.

In fact this is probably just a one off wax mentioning time.

Ok. So back to martial arts training.

So how to start this? Oh yeah.... ouch.

And more ouch.

I have bruises and pains, tired muscles and a head chock full of techniques.

And I also now have my blue belt.

Finally, after such a long time to get there, due to unexpected time off for illness (mine and Charlie's), I finally achieved my blue belt. Things start to get serious now. I'm half way to black belt, a goal that I aim to reach in 3 years.

Now that I've moved up in the martial arts world (in my mind at least!) we are doing lots of technical stuff but also lots of fun things too.

For weapons training we're focusing on the nunchucks for the next few months. They're a great weapon to use, lots fun as long as you don't knock yourself on the head mid swing. Not so fun then.

Last night we were learning Brazilian Ju Jitsu, which I love doing. It's hard, in a very controlled way, and totally different to all the other types of martial arts I've done. Slow and controlled, relaxed but strong. Rolling around on the floor wresting with the others reminds me of being a kid - you just got to go with the flow and enjoy it.

Before my training session last night, Kaiden had his Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) training, which I watched, only to have my Renshi (teacher) try to convince me to give it a go myself. Kick boxing isn't something I ever thought I would want to try, but the more I watched, the more I thought to myself "I could do this".

So I've decided that next week I'll do back to back sessions. An hour of Muay Thai, followed straight after by an hour of Zen Do Kai.

Call me crazy.

Alright now, everyone say together : "You're crazy!!!"

So there you have it, a rambling, nonsensical post about my dreams of black belted glory and delusional perception of physical capabilities.

Welcome to my blog.


  1. LOL-- you crack me up. Actually that is exactly what I thought of when I saw your post title. It sounds like you are having a great time with it! How nice to have something for yourself!

  2. I saw the title and thought of another movie I could have watched with the kids this holiday instead of Harry Potter for the eleventy bajillionth time.

    Congratulations on the blue belt and yes I do think you are crazy, but in a fit athletic way. Have fun.

  3. you will get all sorts of strange folks visiting your blog with that title!!!