Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's For Dinner Wednesdays

It's "What's For Dinner Wednesdays" time again. And I'm terribly unprepared.

Actually, I'm way too tired to take photos of dinner, and then sit down to write a post about it. Hell, I'm way too tired to even cook dinner tonight. Fish and chips anyone?

So instead you now get "What's for Lunch Wednesday". Hmmm...... doesn't roll off the tongue as well though, does it?

Anyway, with the heat we've had recently and will continue to have for goodness how long, (tomorrow is to be 36 degrees celsius again, oh my!) and the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep, I thought that was more than enough cause to indulge myself with my lunch choices.

Brie and crackers, some delicious seedless grapes and a big glass of ice cold water.

Oh, and a chick-lit novel to indulge in also.

To sit down to this, whilst Charlie is fast asleep in his cot for an hour or two, to read and eat uninterrupted is just sheer bliss for me. I could do this every day. Mind you, my waist line won't be so happy if I eat half a wheel of brie everyday.

But other than that - it's pure heaven.

I know, I really need to get a life.

But until such time as I have energy and enough free time to actually get a life, this will have to do. It could be worse. I could have to settle for cheddar instead.