Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fashionable and Fabulous Friday - The Philosophy & Muscle Flexing Edition

Yes,yes. I know it's Sunday. *waives hand impatiently*

But I could get all philosophical about how time isn't linear, and in actual fact it's entirely possible that it's Friday and Sunday at the same time. But aha, which Friday and which Sunday you may well ask.

I could then wax lyrical about this subject of life only being due to our perception of reality, but instead I'll just cut to the incredibly narcissistic photos of my latest outfit.

Sorry, I know all you philosophy nerds will be severely disappointed.

Anyhoo, here we are, my casual Valentine's Day dinner attire. Just perfect for a quiet dinner at the local Thai.

By the way, I must apologise for the poor photo quality. Wrong camera setting for night time under fluorescent lighting type of shots it seems.

My red hot top is new, a spur of the moment purchase the other week when out shopping with my mum. I was supposed to be buying Charlie a few things but saw this as I walked by, and impulsively bought it without even trying it on.

As soon as I saw it, I had already pictured this outfit inmy mind and knew it would be great.

And assistant photographer credit goes to Kaiden, who you can all see here sporting the latest in 'lazing around the house on a hot summer's night' fashion.

Old loose fit jeans with your boxers hanging out the top and no shirt in order to show off muscles that have been a result of much hard work.

Very now, if you happen to be a 15 year old boy.

All that Thai kickboxing, Army fitness training and soccer certainly gets one fit. OK Kaiden, one, two, three - FLEX.

I'm so proud of my fit an healthy son.

It's such a shame this last picture turned out so blurry, I just love it. Unfortunately I was laughing so hard at Kaiden's antics I couldn't keep the camera still.

Gosh, I love my boy.

And my outfit.


  1. Me too! You look great... and you better keep tabs on that boy of yours! Heart breaker!

  2. So jealous, a cute top AND you got to go out for dinner too.
    At least I can feel better about you having to barricade the house to keep out all the girls who want to visit with Kaiden!

  3. that is a cute top and red is my favourite colour.


  4. I love that top! And good luck keeping the girls away from Kaiden lol. He's definitely going to be a heartbreaker