Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Vege Patch

From small beginnings just two months ago ......

....we now have this :

I'm simply amazed by how wonderful this experience of growing our own vegetables is.

A bit of water and a bit of love and they thrive.

This is our little froggy garden guardian, who watches over our plants ..... he was made by Corey many years ago when he was a gorgeous little boy (now he's a gorgeous big boy.)

We have cherry tomatoes ripening.

I picked the first three of our tomatoes today and oh my, were they delicious. So sweet and firm, mmmm.

The cucumber is flowering....

.. and already we're having a bumper crop of cucumbers with many more to come.

I can foresee us having many many salads this summer!

This is our Leaning Tower of Asparagus.

I've figured that this asparagus plant is the teenager of our vege patch. It's really not doing anything and can't even be bothered to stand up straight.

The capsicums have finally decided that it's time to flower.

And I must say they have very pretty flowers too.

We have a 'mama watering can' and a 'baby watering can'.

Both get put to good use.

Charlie is an avid gardener, and I often find him filling his watering can from the dogs water bowl.

Great for the plants, not so great for poor Trooper.

We've been loving growing our own vegetables so much, that we want to plant more.

Many more.

I have packets of seeds ready to go and Del went out and obtained this corrugated iron vege-planter. For free!

I'm itching to get the soil in and get planting.

So far we've filled the base with straw and will soon get the soil. Corn, beans, peas, lettuces and herbs will soon fill this planter.

I'm enjoying working in the garden, helping Mother Nature do her thing, and I'm thrilled that my boys know exactly what food looks like in it's natural form, and that it doesn't actually grow on supermarket shelves!

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