Thursday, November 11, 2010

One of Three

Can you guess who this is?

It's one of my children, obviously. But which one?

Given I have three children, you have a one out of three chance.

Well, since Charlie is too little to be in the army, you have a one in two chance really.

And it's ...............

....... Corey!

Bet you thought it was Kaiden, getting sorted for Army Cadets, didn't you?

Well, now I have two of my boys in Army Cadets. And I couldn't be more proud.

I realise that I haven't really written a lot about Corey. My middle boy. My 12 year old.

A 12 years old wearing size 13 boots.

Men's size, not boys size.

I'm not kidding.

To put that into perspective here are our feet together.

And I have average women's size 8 feet.

He also towers over me already, which is an unsettling feeling to have your offspring taller than you are.

He even towers over his 15 year old brother.

(Doesn't Corey look pleased with himself? Not quite sure why. Kaiden is thinking 'hurry up and take the picture, Mum or we'll be late!')

He looks set to reach around 6'3" it seems. That'll be quite funny when he stands next to his 5'3" mother!

So besides being a big giant of a boy, what else is Corey like?

He has a hell of a lot of energy coursing through his body and always has. His body goes faster than his mind, and so he's constantly bumping into things, tripping over and is most definitely my most accident prone boy (I know he also gets that from me!).

And consequently he also does things before he stops to think about them, and has a knack of getting himself into trouble all the time. I don't know how many times I've said to him "just stop and think!!!". But he really doesn't mean to do these things, he just.... does. He takes any telling off or critism to heart, and looks so dejected when I'm angry at him that it's very hard to stay mad at him.

But he is also such a people pleaser, he loves to make people happy and is our family comedien as he sets out to make us all laugh. He is exceptionally loving to everyone and is fantastic with little Charlie. He loves to play those rough housing boy games with his little brother that sometimes end up with me having to step in as Charlie is not always quite ready for those type of games.

Mucking around for the camera when Charlie decided he didn't want to be left out. But he wouldn't stay still long enough for a decent photo! It may look like a grimace, but Charlie is actually laughing here.

He has a knack for making friends wherever he goes, and always has been like that. No matter where we are, within minutes he's got a circle of kids around him and is happily making everyone laugh. He just loves babies and little kids, and can be so considerate of them, but then because of his size and intelligence he fits in perfectly with older kids too.

Corey is also exceptionally brainy. He's a maths whiz but excels at every subject. He starts high school next year and was accepted into the Academic Extension program, which is just fantastic as he needs the extra stimulation or he gets bored and plays up due to all the extra energy he has.

He is the sportier of my boys too, loves his soccer and martial arts, but can turn his hand (or foot!) to any sport and has represented his school on many occasions. He has a deep interest in spirituality, and I love the discussions we can have these days. One of the perks of having teenagers is the conversations you can have with them. So much more depth that you get with younger kids, I love hearing their view of things and exposing them to new concepts and ideas.

To my mind he has it all : he's smart, he's sporty and has an engaging personality. As I keep telling him, with that combo he can do anything and be anything he wants in this life.

But to me he'll always be my Corey-boy.


  1. Oh goodness. This is such a sweet post-- but it makes me sad-- to realize that in such a short time my two boys will be bigger then me (also 5'3) :(

  2. How sweet! You have some very handsome boys! Your Corey does not look like a 12 year old lol. I would put him at 15 if you didn't mention his age. You have such a beautiful family