Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And it's only November

This is my bedroom :

Which I love. It's my haven, where I can find some peace and quiet in my wonderful, hectic life.

And this :

.... is my side of the bed, closest to the windows, nice and light and airy.

On my bedside table is my lamp to read by, perfumed oil from Dubai, a photo of my husband as a 21 year old soldier in the British army, a photo of the two of us together at the very beginning of our relationship and my box of tarot cards.

In the top drawer are books.

Many, many books.

I like to read, you see.

And if you look a little closer....

.... and lower .....

...what is that we can spy?

Why it's a secret stash of Christmas presents, all wrapped and ready to go!

Yes, I am very happy to say that for the first time EVER, I have finished my Christmas shopping in November. Yay, for me!

I'm just waiting on the last of the online orders to arrive (should be this week sometime) and then that's it. I've never been so organised.

It's a good feeling.

It also means it leaves me free to plan the Christmas / Summer Solstice party that we're having here on Christmas Day.

Hmmm.... party planning and organisation.... I'm in my element there. This is the fun stuff now.

So how's your Christmas shopping/organisation going?


  1. Congrats! That is awesome. I had a plan for Christmas/Yule shopping but my plan went out the window in flames lol. Me and Ed have decided we're only getting Nate presents this year especially since the little one's birthday is on December 4th. We just want him to have a good holiday.

  2. Oh his birthday is the day before Del's on the 5th Dec. Then we have Corey's on the 14th Dec, then mine in January. I hope you have a lovely holiday season, and remember it's not about the presents it's about the feeling and love! BB

  3. wow, I am impressed. All the gifts I have bought are scattered on the spare bedroom bed still to wrap. Do you fancy popping by and wrapping them for me!!

    Gill in cold, Canada!!

  4. Sorry Gill, as tempting as a white Christmas might be to an Aussie gal like me, I think I'll stay put and enjoy the sunshine and leave your Christmas wrapping for you to deal with! xx