Monday, November 15, 2010

Everyone loves the Zoo, don't they?

A little while ago, Del's parent came to visit for the weekend.

All the boys love a visit from Grandma and Grandad.

Charlie especially loves his Grandad who is not afraid to get down and be silly with him. I could make a comment about being on the same wavelength as a two year old, but I love my Father in Law too much to say that!

When they come to visit we try to get out and do something fun and this time it was a trip to the zoo.

Unfortunately what we didn't realise was how ill Charlie actually was. Just the day before he'd seemed to be perking up so off we went to the zoo.

Little did we know what was to follow.

Weather wise it was the perfect day, sun shining, the animals happily sunning themselves in their enclosures and all that. But Charlie soon got tired.

And grumpy.

And so Mama was tired.

And also grumpy.

But we persevered.

"Look at that giraffe, Charlie. Look, look".

Charlie looks down at the ground and refuses to be bothered to look up at the giraffe.

"Look here's a rhino, Charlie, wow!"

No response but to take a drink and stretch his arms out to me as I was the only one he would let carry him for longer than two minutes.

We trailed around the zoo trying to maintain rapidly failing enthusiasm.

Whose great idea was it to come to the zoo?

Oh yeah. Mine.

The orang utan mother with the little baby tucked under her arm was just gorgeous. Watching her climb the pole with the baby clinging onto her side looked perilous, but I'm sure she knew what she was doing.

Can you see the baby peeking out from under her right arm?

We stopped for a bite to eat in the hopes of lifting morale. It seemed to work, thank goodness.

I think out of everyone, Kaiden and Corey enjoyed themselves the most.

Charlie perked up a bit and played with his Grandad and chased a few errant birds around.

I thought I would try to take a nice photo of my notoriously camera hating husband.

No smiling from him.

I had to be sneaky to get a smiley shot, while he watched Charlie playing.....

Kaiden wanted to then take a photo of Del and I which was a fantatic idea since we don't have many together photos as usually it's one of us taking the shots.

Again, no smiling from Del.

But then when you least expect it, he does this :

I love my crazy husband!

After our little break, we passed the Merry Go Round, which Charlie has seen on tv before but never in real life.

He really wanted to go on it, but we were all ready to leave by this time.

Next time, my darling, I promise!

On the way out, Charlie discovered a new friend. At first he thought it was real, then when he realised it was stone, he proceeded to climb all over it.

Corey watching out for Charlie like a good big brother and making sure he doesn't lose his balance and fall.

And so after a tiring and not so successful outing we headed home.

The end.

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  1. What a great family time! I love the photos of the two of you.... Dan & I have very few of us together that is not taken ourselves.... I cherish them all :)