Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day at Home.........

Today was an absolutely lovely day. I made myself relax. Not easy to achieve at first, but once I got into the swing of it........ well I could get mighty used to it!

My good day actually started last night, as Del took over baby duty through out the night and I got to stay in bed all night.

As long as you don't count 5am as night. Which was when Charlie got us both up for the day.

The rest of my Sunday went something like this :

Drink lots of coffee to handle waking at 5am. Check

Take Corey to soccer training. Check

Do nothing for the rest of the day. Check

We took Del's remote control helicopter to the park this morning and Charlie was so very excited after having looked at it at home and sneakily touched it a few times when he thought we weren't looking.

He loved watching it fly. "Up, high, sky".

As long as it didn't get too close that is.

Once Daddy crashed the chopper, he was also more than happy to run to rescue it, shouting "chopper, chopper" gleefully as he ran on his chubby legs, arms flailing wildly in his enthusiasm.

And we discovered a new Charlie fact while at the park today.

He can climb the ladder up to the slide.

Damn. I was dreading this. An 18 month old who can climb dangerously high, but has no sense of danger? Potentially a bad outcome.

Especially as it seems he's as accident prone as his big brother Corey.

I think I'll take the medical kit to the park with us next time. Best to be prepared.


  1. oh he is DARLING! The best days are the unplanned...lazy ones! Glad you got to enjoy a full night in bed!

  2. Sounds like a nice day. My boys would have loved the helicopter.

  3. What a beautiful day out. I hope you get to enjoy another relaxing day again soon.