Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vignettes of Charlie

In an effort to not rely on my faulty memory in the years to come, I want to record for posterity all the cute little incidents with Charlie. All those little things that make us laugh with delight and sigh with happiness. And occasionally groan in frustration.

All the little things of no real interest to anyone else but us.

And maybe to some of the family. (Hi, Mum & Dad!)

I apologise in advance to other readers if the antics of an 18 mth they don't even know aren't too riveting, but here goes.........

Being the proud Mama that I am, and thinking my kids are the best and smartest kids in the whole entire universe (no lack of perspective here), I have to say that it is such a parenting thrill when you ask your 18 mth old what music he would like to listen to, and he replies "Mozart".

Yep, Mozart.

Charlie loves all music but his current favourite is Mozart. It's even rivaling his long time love of Ska music and the song "Monkey Man" in particular.

Can you guess which music genre was introduced by Mama, and which by Daddy?


The other day we were in the bathroom running his evening bath, and I said to him "Shut the door, Charlie. Shut the door". Instead, he threw a cheeky look over his shoulder and took off into the living room laughing like a maniac.

I came after him, leaving the hallway safety gate open. Charlie stopped, looked at me then ran back to the gate. Pointing at it, he turned to me and told me quite deliberately, "Shut the door Mummy. Shut the door".

Cheeky little monkey.



Charlie was happily eating his lunch of fried rice by himself, having recently gotten the hang of eating tricky foods with a spoon. I had used one of the bowls with a suction on the bottom to adhere it to his tray. Thinking to myself what a great idea that was, I turned my back for a moment to clear up, only to hear him saying "Oh no. Rice" over and over.

Turning around I saw Charlie with fried rice all over him, from the top of his little head down, including a large portion on the floor. And being sticky rice it clung to him in a most comical way. How I wish I'd had the camera handy for that one.

I surmise he had tugged at the bowl a few times trying to move it, with stronger pulls each time, until it came loose all of a sudden. I imagine he got quite a surprise as his lunch landed all over him.

Now he's mastered a new skill. Picking fried rice out of his hair.


Charlie is such a smarty pants. He knows his numbers, his letters, his colours, can count, talks in short sentences, sings bits of his favourite songs ("aye aye aye, monkey man") and can read half a dozen words so far.

But still it surprised me when he clearly said "I see two yellow suns" as we walked into the chemist.

And he was right. There, one on each of the two doors, was the logo of the chemist. A yellow sun.

Smarty pants.

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