Friday, March 12, 2010

One of Those Days.....

Ever had one of those days where you wish you hadn't bothered?

Of course you have. Everyone has.

Well for us, last Sunday was one of those days.

It all started when I had to take Corey to soccer training. An annoying enough thing at 8.30am on a Sundday morning, when I should be sipping coffee in my pajamas.

Halfway to the location, as we approached the turn onto the freeway, uh oh..... accident ahead.

The turn onto the freeway was closed, and there was only one to go. And it was the wrong way.

Of course.

It was 20 minutes out of our way, and by this time, after thinking over my options to the background noise of Charlie working himself up into a tired tantrum, I had more than had enough already. And it was only 9am.

Making an executive decision, I gave Corey the day off training and we headed home to put Charlie down for his morning sleep.

After lunch I thought I'd surprise the two older boys with an excursion to the Go Kart track. To say they were excited would be an understatement.

After entering the address into the car GPS, off we went with two boys bursting with anticipation.

We easily found the road we needed, but halfway down it turned into a dirt track. Hmmm.... now what?

After checking the paper based road map that I keep for emergency use (thank goodness) we realised we were on the right road, but unfortunately at the wrong side of that dirt track. Do we turn around and take the long way or head on into the wilderness?

My memory is a little foggy, but err.... someone decided that we might as well try the dirt track as it didn't 'look too bad'.

You guessed it. Famous last words.

The track rapidly deteriorated, rocks littering the path, growing larger with every bend. Charlie took an instant dislike to the bumpiness and didn't hesitate to let us know. At the top of his voice.

Then the sand. Oh the sand.

The car was drifting all over the place with the chance of getting bogged a real possibility. Thank goodness for Del's past army driver training.

Time for another executive decision. TURN AROUND. NOW!

Eventually after taking the long route, we arrive at the Go Kart track. Kids bristling with excitement, they found helmets and waited for their session.

The start of the session went fine, but at the first corner it all went downhill fast. Literally. One of the go karts would not turn left, resulting in multiple crashes off the side of the track over the next 15 mins.

Damage to body = bumps and bruises.

Damage to teenage pride = immense.

We were implored to head home. Which we did. Immediately.

After much discussion we decided that given all that had happened perhaps we should of all just spent the day at home.

Next time we plan to go Ten Pin Bowling. Nothing can go wrong witht that, can it?

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh no! Those days spent feeling like youare banging your head against a wall are always terrible. I hope that the bowling goes better!