Thursday, August 25, 2011

Somebody turned 3 today!!!!

Today is Charlie's 3rd birthday. Here is where I make the comments such as 'where has the time gone', or 'my baby is growing up' etc etc.

It's all true, where has the time gone, and where has that little baby gone?

But it's not a day for looking back, it's a day for FUN, and we had a fantastic day.

Here's a few of the highlights......

A brand new train set.

Then playing racing cars in the box the train set came in.

A new soccer ball.

And testing it out.

Birthday cake!!!

Making a wish.

3 is a very important birthday. Especially to the person turning 3!



  1. YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!!! I'm glad it was a wonderful day for the little guy..

  2. Happy birthday Charlie.

    Awesome 'making a wish' photo.