Saturday, July 4, 2015

What To Do During School Break

It's the mid year Winter break here. Charlie has three weeks off school. Hooray for time off! More time to play. Days at home filled with stories, games and lots of hot chocolate.

Yet three weeks is a very long time for a 6 year old to be amused at home, it seems.

Especially as I still need to work during this time, meaning I leave him at home with his older brothers.

Willing and wonderful babysitters they may be, yet this arrangement can be a beautiful blessing or a terrible chaotic necessity depending on the day.

Thankfully my work outside the home is not usually for more than a few hours at a time, so it's not too long before I'm back home and able to join in the fun.

When the dining table becomes a rather spacious cubby for Charlie. And a rather tiny one for anyone else.

The day bed on our enclosed patio becomes the perfect place for games during the more pleasant winter weather moments.

And finger puppets get left discarded once the intrigues of the royal court lose there appeal, and little boys move on to more enduring favourites.

Such as Lego. Most of his day (and bedroom floor) is filled with Lego.

Lots and lots of Lego.

If only the clean up at the end of the day was as much fun!

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