Monday, July 20, 2015

Right now I'm.....

Right now I am :

:: thankful for having a whole week off work with my beloved, which co-oincided with school holidays

:: savouring the slow pace of our days this week (no 6am wake up alarm!)

:: happy to have managed to make Charlie a Jedi robe (dressing gown) that not only turned out to fit him but he approved of. Parenting win!

:: overfull after a family dinner out tonight. No cooking = a happy mama.

:: relaxed after my slow week of being at home, something I love to do yet rarely get to.

:: enjoying the sight of two of my boys happily drawing together (until Charlie gets distracted and climbs on the furniture). Quiet, contented family moments fill me with joy,

:: loving the set of shiny new pots and pans my husband suprised me with yesterday.

:: pondering if it's a bit sad to be so happy over new pots and pans? The previous set were almost 20 years old!

:: satisfied with the sight of tidied and rearranged kitchen cupboards, to make room for said shiny pots and pans.

:: thinking of all the planned chores I didn't managed to get done this week. Somehow the item 'tidy out the linen closet' kept getting bumped to the bottom of my daily list. 

:: releasing any guilt for not having achieved everything I wanted to this week.

:: pleased that I prioritised sleeping in and coffee over chores.

:: anticipating a very busy working week next week to make up for the time off this week.

:: planning a menu of easy dinners for next week due to the anticipated busyness. Soups! Stews! Casseroles! Slow Cooker!

:: listening to Charlie humming Star Wars music to himself. Not just right now but ALL DAY! Save me from the Star Wars theme music. Please.

:: watching Del labour of Airfix model planes by himself. A Daddy and son project that now is just a Daddy project. With occassional overseeing from the son.

:: preparing for the return to school on Monday, and the making of school lunches once again. Does anyone else find it difficult to make new and interesting food for lunchboxes?

:: wondering how it is that Corey only has one more term of school/college left to go.

:: hoping to continue the slow relaxed pace into next week.

:: doubting that I'll manage it.

:: grateful for a wonderful week in this eccentric life of mine.

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