Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday's Post which includes Parental Bragging

Ever since Charlie came into this world, he's been musical. He loved music the first time he heard it and hasn't stopped dancing and singing since.

I still think it's all the music concerts we went to whilst I was pregnant, all that loud music with lots of bass throbbing through my body straight to him as he bopped along in the amniotic fluid.

Whenever we put any cd's on he's right there, ready to get groovy. He sat entranced by Baby Beethoven on YouTube at 8 months old, and has now learnt the theme songs to all his favourite tv shows. He requests songs from cd's whilst we're in the car, and they're not kids music, it's adults music he loves best.

He sings from the minute he wakes up till the moment he reluctantly goes to sleep. He is constantly moving as if the rhythm of life flows in his blood and he can't help but dance to it.

This kid has the most amazing musical memory and if you ask he can sing any of the 50 or so nursery rhymes from his books. WORD PERFECT.

I gave birth to a freak.

I mean that in the most loving way. And if he's going to be a freak, at least he's a musical freak.

That could mean big money one day.

So me, not being overly musical, except for loving to sing though unfortunately not too well, decided that I was probably not the best person to develop whatever there is to develop in a mini musical maestro.

Today marked the first step in his musical career (the one in my mind anyway) and I took Charlie to music school.

He sang, danced and played instruments and LOVED IT! It was such a good decision to take him along. The main issue I had was keeping him still long enough to listen to the teacher's instructions, Charlie just didn't want to stop dancing.

Whenever the music was turned off momentarily, he would bold as brass walk up to his new teacher and politely ask for the music to "turn on pleeeeaaaaase".

At the end of class all the children got to have a turn playing around on the teachers piano. Now Charlie has never played the piano before all we have is a small keyboard that he's played with. All the kids crowded around the piano, banging their little hands on the keys making a lovely racket, and there is Charlie standing amoungst them carefully picking out each key to play and trying to actually play it. Not just banging it randomly. WOW.

After the other kids left, I stayed on to chat to the teacher for a few moments, while Charlie continued to play at the piano. We showed him that one end has high notes and one end has low, and each time we asked him to play high or low he got it right. I was so proud.

I continued talking to the teacher some more, then glanced over to see Charlie had pulled the stool back up to the piano, climbed on it and was calmly playing high and low notes then picking out a few specific key to play a little tune of his own making, as if he'd being doing it for years. Even the teacher was impressed.

I know Beethoven composed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at age 5, but I think my boy can better that.

Just you wait and see.

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  1. Oh my! That is so wonderful! It's wonderful to see a parent reach out and help their children find their natural talents. I've known parents that don't believe music is helpful in a child's development and it makes me very sad. I hope he goes on to do beautiful things with his gifts.