Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashionable Friday

Yes, it's that time again. Fashionable Friday is here.

And this time, you're in for something a little bit different.

A departure from elegance, shall we say. Moving away from the feminine skirts and dresses I usually wear.

Today has now become Casual Friday.

As you can see. my trusty sidekick had to get in on the action.

You know how on the red carpet all those celebrities glibly recite all the items of designer wear they have on? I feel like I should be doing that too, as I walk down the terracotta tiled hallway that's currently badly in need of a vacuum and a mop.

(Perfect Stepford wife standards have been slipping around here lately. Really must get my act together).

Today I have on a pair of my oldest and most frayed jeans that have seen me through both good and bad times over the years.

Designer : Wrangler. One of the only designs that fit over my .... ahem... errr... 'curvy' bottom, yet fit snuggly around my much smaller waist.

The top is one that Del just this morning called my chain-mail. A metallic thread in loose weave material that's flowy enough to cover a slight muffin top when needed, but can sit off the shoulder to give it bit of an edge and not be too frumpy.

Designer : Hot Options (ie some crappy fashion school drop out who could only get a job designing for for a cheap chain store brand).

The blue singlet top I bought at the Hong Kong Ladies Market for next to nothing and that has been worn so much it's definitely seen better days. Shopping in HK is hilarious as it's the only time I have to buy clothes labelled 'Large'.
Here in Australia I'm a size 6, but I guess I'm considered fat by HK standards.

Designer : who knows? Would anyone lay claim to being a singlet designer anyway?

And although there isn't really a good shot of them, the shoes a really pretty yet comfortable pair of wedges, with lovely blue flower detail on top. I love it when something is pretty and comfortable, a rare combination when it comes to clothes.

Designer : As they were a gift from Indonesia I have absolutely no idea, but I love them.

So there you have it. Casual Friday.

And just to wrap up this post, here's a photo of how today's photo shoot ended.

Gotta love Friday photo cuddles.

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