Saturday, June 5, 2010

The I'm Too Tired to Think of Anything To Write So Here Are Some Photos Post

Photos are from Corey's recent soccer game.

Which they won.


Just like they've won every game so far this season.

Top of the Ladder.

Bigger yay!

And I'll be watching them win another game tomorrow.

As long as I didn't just jinx it.

Oh no.

Oh, and be thankful that I narrowed it down to 6 photos.

I took 250 photos of the game that day.

I'm not kidding. I really did take 250.

So choosing only 6 was hard.

Actually a lot of them were out of focus or were photos of a sort of Corey-like shape on the other very distant side of the field. So it wasn't THAT hard to only find a few good ones.

But I did stop myself from posting my top 50 or so.

I'm thoughtful like that.

Your welcome.

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