Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Funeral

This past week or so life has been filled with a tumult of emotions and feelings.

Nanny's funeral went well. As far as funerals go that is.

All went as it should. It was a gathering of her family and friends, who celebrated her life and all that she was.

Followed by a kick ass party that she would of loved. I could almost see her sitting there at the table, glass of red wine in hand, bantering cheekily with everyone.

I read a poem at the funeral, and I accomplished my hope of making it through the reading without crying. A few deep breathes were needed, but I didn't cry.

The most emotional moment was the playing of Unchained Melody by the Rightous Brothers, one of Nanny's favourite songs. An emotion provoking song at the best of times.

But the sadness I felt was inadverdantly relieved by two lovely old people sitting behind me during the service. Not that they knew it though.

Photos of Nanny were being played throughout the service, and at one point the couple behind me, were commenting on how Nanny looked when she was a young woman.

Right in the middle of a very moving speech, they were whispering VERY LOUDLY. I think they may have needed to adjust their hearing aids.

"Gwen looked very healthy when she was younger, didn't she?"

"Yes, she always did have a bit of flesh on her bones back then."

The fact that these two were having such a conversation, at such a time, really tickled my funny bone.

I turned to my sister-in-law sitting next to me, who had also heard (as had most of the 5 surrounding rows). I looked at Mel, and she looked at me, and then we actually started to laugh.

Shoulders shaking, with tears of sorrow and mirth running down our cheeks we lent against each other and silently laughed and laughed.

In the middle of my grandmother's funeral.

Oh, I'm going straight to hell for this one.

But if Nanny had been there, I know she would have laughed with us.


  1. Oh laughter is the best medicine. I am so glad that she was there with you in spirit :)

  2. I am so sorry about your Nana's death. That was the perfect conversation to have though to lift everyone's spirits......