Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's For Dinner Wednesdays

Dinner is much more of a challenge when you have teenage boys in the house.

It usually starts about 10.30 in the morning...

"Mum, what's for dinner tonight?".

I mean, wow, they've only just had breakfast, it's still around 8 hours till dinner time, but they have to check that you haven't by some remote chance forgotten about dinner.

As if I ever could.

Any guesses as to what I'm making with the following ingredients?

Yes? No?

Ok. Is this a bit more of a clue?

That's right!

Homemade hamburgers.

Definitely a favourite around here. They have been lovingly nicknamed: 'Big Mama's Burgers'.

Hmmm..... is that a compliment?

(This is a big person's size burger. Look at the first photo again and you'll see a little round mini size patty about to be flattened and cooked especially for Charlie!)

The fact that they're requested again and again tells me that they must taste good.

I use beef mince and add in egg, breadcrumbs and what ever takes my fancy at the time. A variation much loved by Corey, is the Chicken Burger, with crumbed chicken replacing the beef patty.

I suppose you've all guessed by now that I'm not what you would call a 'method cook'.

More like a throw it all together and hope for the best type of cook.

Thankfully, I can usually pull it off.

Well, Kaiden seems to be enjoying his burger.

And we have the thumbs up approval from Corey.

So, another successful dinner made.

Only 16 hours till the pressures on, and the questions start again.

"What's for dinner, mum?........"


  1. Ha, I'm surprised they don't ask what's for breakfast! :D Those burgers look absolutely delicious . . . I may have to make burgers tonight myself.

    My boys just ask for food 24/7. I've even had Dorian wake up in the middle of the night asking to eat . .. after he's eaten every 30 minutes all day! I do feed them, I swear!

  2. Those burgers look delicious. I haven't made hamburgers in months. I think I'm making baked chicken thighs with a smokey apricot sauce or arroz con pollo tonight.