Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Summertime Christmas

Last weekend, in the middle of a heatwave, we put up our Christmas Tree.

It was 38oC that day.

And our air conditioning was broken.

The pool was not fit to swim in either.

Needless to say we were hot.

Hence the nearly naked photos of Charlie.

Listening to Christmas songs such as "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" while putting up the tree in the heat, was the ultimate irony.

Why, hello there Santa, so nice of you to drop by.

Charlie was eager to get started with the decorating.

Surveying the tree.....

For some reason Charlie insisted in putting the decorations as far into the tree as he could reach.

It obviously makes sense in his mind to do so.

The finishing touch.... affixing the star atop the tree.... with a little help from Kaiden.

And the finished product...

It's definitely starting to feel like Christmas around here.

I can tell by that little bead of sweat, slowly trickling down my back.


  1. WoW! Again, something I never thought of.... you having Christmas in the summer. That would be very strange for me! It has been in the 15 degree F range here this week and flurries greeted us this morning :(

  2. The tree looks lovely! And the kids are so adorable decorating. Hopefully I'll start mine soon and Nate is so very excited to help. We're letting him pick all the decorations this year so it should be fun =)

  3. The tree does look lovely, but I think it must be so strange for Del especially to be thinking of Christmas in all that heat? For those of you born there, you haven't known anything different, but for Del, it surely is different.


  4. Gill - Del always says that it never really feels like Christmas to him here. The weather is too hot for a start. And it doesn't seem to be celebrated quite the same here as it does in the UK, he says there is no real Christmas atmosphere or build up. One year I cooked a full traditional Christmas lunch to make him feel better, but it was just so hot to cook such a massive meal in the heat! This year we're having an Aussie Christmas and are having a barbecue and pool party!

  5. What a beautiful series of photos to start your Christmas season.
    I think Charlie is dressed appropriately for the occasion!