Monday, June 29, 2015

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Life has been happening, during this long hiatus.

Lovely, joyful, gentle, sometimes stressful and frantic, eccentric life.

My time and focus has been on simply being, enjoying my family and the sweetness of the days, weeks, months and years as they pass by. As well as trying to remain sane being the only female living in a house full of boys!

Today has been a slow and restful Sunday with my littlest boy Charlie feeling a little ill with a fever. Thankfully not full blown man-flu, still a few more years to go till that kicks in.

So the day was passed in a cosy, sleep deprived blur of cuddles and small bouts of productivity. (I even managed to get clothes hung on the line. Getting them back in might be another thing though).

And time was definitely made for stories on a blanket in the warmish afternoon sun. Priorities you know!

Time also to check on my decimated vegetable seedlings. Note to self, I need to do more to combat the snails and slugs. Sadly the beer traps just aren't working efficiently enough, all the beer guzzling snails were lured in but seems there are still plenty of tee totallers hiding out there.

And there's always time to take a breath and watch the late afternoon sky for just a moment. Or two.

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