Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashionable & Fabulous Friday

As I sit here at my computer this morning, looking out on our slightly soggy front garden after last nights wonderful thunder storm, it suddenly hits me.

Today is Friday!

Fashionable and Fabulous Friday to be exact.

And, oh dear. I'm wearing my dressing gown and pink slippers and feeling decidedly un-fashionable, though perhaps still just a little bit fabulous inside (always!).

It seems I'm woefully unprepared for gracing the internet with my personal take on fashion today. What to do?

A quick look back through my draft blog posts and hooray! A very old, pre-written F&FF post I have ready on standby.

So without further ado, everyone enjoy this one while I slip off to get myself looking Fashionable and Fabulous and better prepared for next Friday!

14 Oct 2010

Today's outfit isn't actually today's outfit. It's a back up outfit.

One I wore a little while ago, just in case, dare I say it, I perhaps wore the same outfit twice on a Friday? SHOCK. HORROR. We can't post that now, can we? Back up plan to the rescue!

This outfit isn't one of my favourites, I guess that's why it was on standby. I'm not really sure why I don't like it as much as others.

Perhaps because it's just..... a little bit plain. For me.

I tried to jazz it up with a lovely red necklace that my mum gave me, and my best ever pair of trusty red high heels (not actually in the picture. Terrible photographer I am).

The outfit looks nice, it's comfy and it's a little bit business-like, to try to get me in the working mood so I can hopefully accomplish some work for a change.

Working from home is a blessing and a curse, it's so tempting to slack off and then before you know it it's 9pm and you've achieved nothing except for finishing off a pack of chocolate biscuits and a half hearted attempt at cleaning up the dishes. From breakfast. Let alone managing to complete any paid work on the computer, not when there's Facebook, Twitter and Blogs to read instead.

But on the upside, I get to dress up and take photos of myslef all day long.

And I do love the detailing on this shirt.

But still.... not my favourite.

Maybe next Friday will be better.

Stay Fashionalbe people. And Fabulous goes without saying.


  1. I really like that shirt. I've been on a mad hunt for shirts like that so I can look a tad bit professional when I start school in the spring. And the necklace is pretty too =)

  2. Hooray! I have missed these! Love the top!