Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What have we been up to?

As I type this I have Charlie sprawled across me having a feed, and I juggle the laptop balanced precariously upon my knee, whilst trying to avoid the toy car being driven all over my head. But it's been so long since I blogged that I will attempt to surmount all these distractions and actually manage to type something.

Hopefully it will be legible.

And make sense.

Life has been fast paced around here lately. A whirlwind of work, school and sports.

Actually, that's just normal life in this house.

Kaiden represented his school in soccer yesterday and the team did very well. It was Kaiden's first time playing for the school, as he has just been accepted into the Specialist Soccer Program. The competition to get in was tough so I'm extra proud of him.

Also we have been carefully choosing his school subjects for next year as he is entering Yr 11 (5th year high school, starting in Feb next year). It's the all important subject choices that determine whether he gets into university. As Kaiden has made up his mind that he wants to join the army as a Mechanical Engineer it was fairly straight forward choices.




Somehow I don't think I'll be much help with his homework next year!

So what's Corey been up to I hear you ask?

Well he has been training before school each day for the past week as tomorrow he is competing in the State Cross Country Run Championships. Yes, it seems my long-legged, big footed (size 11 men's and he's only 12!) boy is a fast runner. Surprise, surprise.

Corey and I have been busy with martial arts training also (Kaiden hasn't been for a while due to his back injury). I'm pleased with the progress we're both making, and I'm slowing gaining confidence when sparring with the big guys in the class. Though a kick to the groin last night wasn't so good.

Charlie is.... well, he's Charlie.

He makes me smile.

He makes me laugh.

He makes me tear my hair out.

Charlie turns two later this month and I can't believe how fast two years has gone by. He is just the most gorgeous little thing and he's adored by everyone in the family.

He is generally easy going but can be stubborn at times, he sings from the minute he wakes till the moment he falls asleep and he never, ever, ever stops moving.

He's just a whirlwind of energy and activity. We'll all be sprawled upon the floor, passing out from the fatigue of playing with him, yet he's still running around yelling "More play, more play everyone!".

And on that note it's time for me to take the hint to finish up typing and instead give in to his pleas of "Play cars, mummy, play cars. P-leeeease".

How can I resist?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time in all your lives... lots going on-- I cannot wait for all this moving stuff to be over and to get back to the basics.