Friday, August 13, 2010

My Poor Baby

Charlie had his first trike accident today........

A cut and bruised lip. Swelling up to epic proportions.

Multiple grazes to the face and a chipped tooth.


Lots of love and cuddles have made him feel much better though.


  1. Oh no! Those thing tend to hurt mommy more then the kids though! Poor little man!

  2. Soul Sister SharonAugust 15, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    Lei Lei!! My heart goes out to Charlie and to you too!! Poor thing!! William sustained similar injuries on Wednesday (11th August) from falling of a chair and landing on his face. Cut bottom lip (the amount of blood is just unbelievable) and inside mouth. Luckily no stitches required when I took him to the doctor. Bruised and swollen too like his soul brother Charlie. Hugs hugs to your little man. Did they decide to dare each other? Boys boys bots.

  3. Oh poor little William! I can't believe that he and Charlie sustained such similar injuries within a matter of days of each other! They are just way too similar LOL! Hope he is doing ok now and healing well. Hugs