Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jumping right into blogging my Eccentric life

Eccentricity - noun : my definition : a word to describe me, and my life.

Me, the complex human being, child of this Earth. I am woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, business manager, keeper of the home and all round goddess. I can be such a contradiction, my views are so varied that when put together it seems I must be on my way to being eccentric. And you know what, I think it would be great to be eccentric. You are your own person and you don't care what anyone else thinks. Am I on my way? Be sure to let me know if you agree.

So let's jump straight into my life.

Charlie awoke at about 5am, as per usual these days, but what made this morning special was that as I entered his room, he was standing in his cot, arm out pointing at me, stating "Da Manny" (translation : The Mummy. I'm not just Mummy, but apparantly THE Mummy!) over and over. As I reached in to pick him up, his little finger pointed at my chest, and again he stated "Da Manny". As I cuddle and carried him out of the room, he continued to poke me and say "Da Manny" over and over. I'm not sure if he was trying to ascertain if I was real or a figment of his dreams, but of course I replied "Yes" every time.

Note to all : I am now 'The Manny'.

I had my hair cut yesterday. Not just cut, but 're-styled', and because they name it that, they can charge twice as much. My hair is now short, a la 1960's bob style, think Posh Spice type of bob cut. It's very funky and oh so much lighter for my head and neck. I was concerned though that Charlie may be traumatised by my lack of hair length given that he takes great comfort in running his fingers through it, and rubbing it gently over his face, while I nurse him. It's been one of those sweet, special Mamma and baby things we have. But luckily, he just seems more fascinated by my hair now, rather than upset. He comes to me, professing he wishes to have a cuddle, but it's just a ploy to reach around and use his little hands to feel and scrunch my short hair at the back, and he rubs his face against the slightly longer hair on the sides, just like a cat. Upon telling him he was acting like a cat, he meowed and then patted my head endearingly.

Kaiden declared that my hair "actually looks ok". High praise from a 14 year old, who apparently doubted that any hair cut would look any good. Corey, my ever dependant and sweet 12 year old, told me it looks nice and suits me. And my husband Del, well let's say that his next step is probably to get me some 60's mod style clothes to match the hair, so he won't be the only one dressed retro when we go out to a gig.

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